EXCLUSIVE: Nolotil campaigners are suing the Spanish government for ‘failing to properly regulate painkiller’ suspected of causing 40 deaths among Brits and northern Europeans

A PATIENT advocate group has filed a lawsuit against the Spanish Ministry of Health for failing to protect people against the potentially life-threatening effects of Nolotil. The Association of Drug Affected Patients (ADAF), led by campaigner Cristina del Campo, is suing the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Spanish Agency for Medicine and Health Products (AEMPS). The case, handled by Francisco Almodovar, was filed on Monday, November 14. It claims the directive issued by the Spanish governm

Top 11 Documentation tips from the Supermanagers podcast

With 58% of people having the opportunity to work from home, documentation is more important than ever before. Whilst working from your couch is more comfortable, it also means you cannot run over to your manager's desk to ask them how to do things. Today, companies must make guides, documents and videos to share best practices. For some companies, this can seem like an impossible task, so continue reading as we reveal 11 tips from industry-leading experts on how you can implement documentation in your business.

Why digitisation could be the answer to the automotive skills shortage

By 2031, there will be a 160,000 shortfall of workers in the automotive industry. That’s according to an Institute of Motor Industry report. With job vacancies already at a five-year high, this is a frightening statistic. But what if there was a way you could bridge the skills shortage by digitising your business? Adopting a digital approach to service receptions, allows customers to check themselves in or out at any time of day. On the surface, this reduces the need for staff, which this isn’t

A week in the life of a Customer Success Manager: Scott Edmunds

During his twenty-year career, Scott has worked in nearly every area in the automotive industry. Starting as an apprentice technician in 2001, Scott worked with the likes of Ferrari, Audi and Peugeot. After many years, Scott hung his tools to work as a service advisor and workshop controller. It was during this time that he discovered his talent for helping people, a passion which led him to Tjekvik in 2021. As a Customer Success Manager, no two days are ever the same. To Scott, the definition

2022 in review with Nick Pratt

Wow, what a year! Tjekvik has more than doubled in size, expanded to new continents and helped more than a million customers worldwide. As our customer base grew, so did our team. This year, we welcomed Veronika Kinstova as our Head of Marketing and Yoshua Ono as our Polish Key Account Manager, amongst many others. In 2023, we hope to recruit more developers, support and customer success staff as we grow and our technology becomes even more intelligent. Each of our teams plays a vital role in

Psychology I StudySmarter

Psychology was first referred to as “the study of the soul” from the Modern Latin psychologia. Since then, psychology has grown into a scientific discipline investigating the mind and behavior. Psychology was only accepted as a science in 1879 when Wilhelm Wundt established the first-ever psychology lab. Now, psychology has become a respected discipline that is applied to diagnose and treat mental health conditions ranging from addiction to psychopathy. The subject can also help us understand
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