EXCLUSIVE: ‘If he hadn't gone to Spain he would still be alive’: British family of ‘first known Nolotil victim’ speak out

THE British family of the first suspected Nolotil victim have recalled their heartbreaking experience amid a growing campaign to crackdown on the ‘lethal’ painkiller. When James Hanley, 72, decided to move to Spain in 2016, he was dreaming of retirement in the sun. But within a year he would be dead, after taking Nolotil to numb his pain following successful cancer treatment. His story would go on to serve as a leading case study for a campaign to ban the drug, launched by medical legal exper

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the British expats set to appear on A New Life in The Sun from TONIGHT as they launch their glamping business in Portugal

A NEW Life in The Sun will feature two British expats juggling life between Portugal and Gibraltar. READ MORE: This is the best all-inclusive hotel in Spain – according to the World Travel Awards The Channel 4 programme has launched its latest series featuring a cohort of aspirational British expats. Pauline Olivera, 58 and her husband, Sid, 66, are no exception. The pair moved to Spain over 20 years ago, they then moved to Gibraltar before finally setting up their business in neighbouring P

What should I do if I’ve been given Nolotil in Spain? A guide for British and other northern Europeans on dealing with the ‘lethal’ painkiller

Have you been affected by Nolotil? Email us: tips@theolivepress.es SINCE the death of British expat Mark Brooks, Nolotil is on many people’s minds, but what can you do to avoid the drug? READ MORE: EXCLUSIVE: Nolotil campaigners demand a criminal investigation into health officials in Spain following the death of a British expat, 42, who lost his life to sepsis after taking the ‘lethal’ painkiller Spain’s most popular medicine, Nolotil, is sold everywhere. Although fine for most Spaniards, t

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Nolotil shouldn’t be sold like shampoo’: Campaigner Cristina Del Campo blasts 'serious corruption' in her fight against Big Pharma

Have you been affected by Nolotil? Email us: tips@theolivepress.es Nolotil campaigner Cristina del Campo has claimed sinister political pressure is behind the drug being so readily available in Spain. Speaking as the Olive Press launches a campaign against the lethal drug for northern European tourists and expats, she explained her seven-year investigation into Nolotil is part of a wider crusade against Big Pharma. The president of the Association for Drug Affected People (ADAF), claims Spani

Brits relive terrifying ordeals after taking painkiller linked to 40 deaths

Photos show the horrifying impact the common drug can have HOLIDAY HELL Brits relive terrifying ordeals after taking ‘lethal’ painkiller Nolotil linked to dozens of deaths BRITISH expats have revealed how they almost died after being administered a "lethal" painkiller in Spain - as scores more come forward following the recent death of dad-of-one Mark Brooks. Doreen Hughes, 78, was given Nolotil following knee replacement surgery in September 2022, despite nationwide guidance against giving t

The curious history of Spain’s free and ‘illegal’ raves: How thousands turn up to hippy-style festivals around the country each year in a movement echoing England’s 1990s subculture

HOW did free and ‘illegal’ raves begin? The Olive Press traces back the history of the curious parties to 1990s England. They swooped down on southern Spain en masse and ended up partying for six full days over the New Year period. Yet, incredibly the 8,000 or so ravers who danced until dawn, managed to do it almost completely unimpeded. READ MORE: Party’s over: Illegal six-day mega-rave attended by scores of expats in southern Spain finally comes to an end after police intervention Despite

'Kill the Drug': Together we can prevent more British lives from being lost as the Olive Press relaunches its Nolotil campaign

THE Olive Press is today relaunching our ‘Kill the Drug’ campaign in a bid to bring in tougher regulations on Nolotil. Our original campaign in 2017 helped highlight the dangers of the lethal painkiller, which has been blamed for dozens – and potentially hundreds – of deaths of tourists and expats in Spain. Incredibly, the drug is still being freely administered in Spain despite being BANNED in 40 countries globally, including the UK, US, Ireland and Australia. Our hard-hitting campaign launc

EXCLUSIVE: Nolotil campaigners demand a criminal investigation into health officials in Spain following the death of a British expat, 42, who lost his life to sepsis after taking the ‘lethal’ painkill

Have you been affected by Nolotil? Email us: tips@theolivepress.es CAMPAIGNERS against the ‘deadly’ painkiller, Nolotil, have launched an official complaint with Spain’s public prosecution office after yet another Brit died at the hands of the drug. The complaint calls on Spanish health officials to ‘urgently initiate a thorough investigation into the matter.’ It is led by Cristina del Campo, president of the Association for Drug Affected People (ADAF) on behalf of those affected by Nolotil.

WATCH: Jasmine Harman is loving her new life on Spain’s Costa del Sol: A Place In The Sun star, 48, gives a New Year message as she enjoys Zumba on the beach

A PLACE In The Sun star Jasmine Harman is loving her new expat life, adopting a kitten and enjoying beachside Zumba classes on the Costa del Sol. After spending decades helping Brits find their ‘dream life’ abroad, the property expert finally took the plunge in October 2023. The property expert chose Estepona, an up-and-coming resort on Spain’s Costa del Sol. Some four months later, the 47-year-old revealed the ‘overwhelming’ decision has paid off. In a video uploaded to Instagram, she showe

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the British expats in Spain doing the UK proud after being named in King Charles’s New Year’s Honours list

FOUR British expats have been named in King Charles’s New Year’s Honours list. The list recognises Brits across the world for creating a positive impact in their communities. Susan Hannam, vice-president of Cudeca, a palliative care charity and hospice, has been awarded an OBE for her services. Living in Benalmadena, she co-founded the charity over 30 years ago and is still an important part of the team. Formerly a nurse in Leeds, she helped to develop the charity’s at-home palliative care a

Must-visit: This hidden gem in the heart of 'abandoned Spain' will transport you to centuries past - and could easily be mistaken for Tuscany

LOOKING for a weekend escape? This hidden gem of ‘abandoned Spain’ is a must visit. The north of Spain is growing in popularity with visitors due to its cheap prices, beautiful landscapes and charming towns. However, this area of Teruel, Aragon is still little known to most tourists. Matarraña, also known as the Tuscany of Spain, is full of history and great gastronomy. It is often compared with the Italian region thanks to its rolling olive groves, medieval architecture and miles of vineyar

This ‘tourist free’ seaside village dubbed the ‘prettiest in Spain’ must be added to your 2024 travel list - according to the Sun

THE Sun has named this place Spain’s ‘prettiest village’ and says you should add it to your 2024 travel list. The British tabloid has praised the coastal village as a ‘fairytale’ location, full of ‘charm’ and empty of tourists. Cudillero has been described as ‘ridiculously eye-catching’ thanks to its candy coloured houses perched on a stunning hillside. It is said the colourful houses are painted to match fishermen’s boats. The ramshackle cottages create labyrinthine streets which give way t

Meet the 'Gaudi of Axarquia': How a 72-year-old artist is brightening up his Costa del Sol town with his unique artworks - and is now opening his SECOND museum

ANTONI Montanez has been a carpenter all his life. Whether creating kitchen countertops or pieces of furniture, he was always inspired by art. But it wasn’t until he retired some 20 years ago that his love affair with craftsmanship really flourished. At 50-years-old, he decided to begin creating his own pieces, including his famous house museum. In El Valdes, Malaga, the house pays homage to his hometown and ‘preserves the essence and history of El Valdes’. The project took over a year of t

‘F***ing guiris!’: Outrage in Spain after tourists hold an illegal rave on a protected VOLCANO - and they now face fines of up to €20,000

A GROUP of tourists have been criticised for holding an illegal rave on top of a VOLCANO. The party took place last weekend on Volcan Calderon Hondo, in Fuerteventura. Some 100 people attended the rave, complete with DJ tables, speakers, drones and filming equipment. The attendees, mostly believed to be German, uploaded various videos to TikTok, showing ravers dancing and drinking on the volcano. The videos prompted outrage from locals, one commenting on X: “The two things I hate the most, g

GB News lauds ‘cheapest place to buy a property in Spain’ with starting prices as low as €10,000 - but locals warn ‘NO ONE wants to live here’

EVER thought about moving abroad? GB News has lauded Spain’s cheapest town, but failed to mention the numerous reasons why even locals are leaving. Many Brits dream of moving to sunny Spain thanks to its warm weather, relaxed lifestyle and friendly locals. But if you decide to save a few pennies and move to Spain’s cheapest area, you might be in for a nasty surprise. Following data from property website Idealista, GB News recommended Brits on a budget could buy property in Alcaudete de la Jar

Who is Jamie del Burgo? All you need to know as Queen Letizia of Spain's brother-in-law appears to double down on affair claims

JAIME del Burgo has doubled down on claims he had an affair with Spain’s Queen Letizia, but who is he and what do you need to know about him? In a statement on X (formerly Twitter) the Spanish businessman seemed to reaffirm his claims he had an affair with the royal before she married King Felipe. Del Burgo alleged the tryst happened before he married his now ex-wife, Queen Letizia’s sister, Telma Ortiz. Currently based in the UK, the businessman insisted: “Spaniards have a right to know the

‘Radioactive water’ scandal: Up to 70% of water consumed in this area of Spain's Andalucia has been contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals, warns expert - but what is the cause?

Do you live in the affected areas? Contact tips@theolivepress.es UP to 70% of water consumed in this area of Andalucia is contaminated with potentially cancerous chemicals as the region’s radioactive water scandal continues to unfold. According to Jose María Calaforra, professor of Geodynamics at the University of Almeria, ‘70% of the water that has been consumed in Almeria is radioactive’. The news is alarming for residents of affected areas such as La Joya, Castell del Rey, Aguadulce, La Ch

Christmas miracle: Newborn baby survives after being dumped in a rubbish bin in Spain’s Andalucia

A NEWBORN baby has survived after being dumped in a rubbish bin in Andalucia. The baby was found on Monday when a neighbour heard the little girl’s cries coming from a waste disposal unit in Los Palacios y Villafranca, near Sevilla. The tiny girl was wrapped in two plastic bags, covered in blood and amniotic fluid. Some 20cm of umbilical cord was still attached. It is believed the baby had just been born before she was found at 5:30pm. Together with other neighbours, the man brought the bab

WATCH: Brave citizen pursues man who allegedly masturbated in front of children in Spain’s Andalucia

A DRIVER has been praised after pursuing a man in Spain’s Andalucia who allegedly masturbated in front of minors. The Policia Nacional have opened an investigation after a driver filmed himself pursuing an alleged sex offender in Antequera. The driver claims the man exposed himself and masturbated in front of a group of girls. In the video published by @SocialDrive_es on Twitter, the man jumps in his car and begins to follow the alleged offender saying: “That’s the car. That’s the guy. “He t

EXCLUSIVE: How a British designer, 39, is turning olive oil waste from southern Spain into luxury clothing

A BRITISH designer hopes to revolutionise the fashion industry by using Andalucia’s olive oil waste to create luxury clothing. Hanna Whiteman, 39, uses discarded pits and other waste products to dye luxury materials, creating garments worthy of distinguished fashion houses. Now, she’s hoping to attract A-list designers such as Stella McCartney with the project, inspired by Whiteman’s experience living in Andalucia. The London-based designer spent 14 years living between Granada, Cordoba and O
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